Hi all,

Not a huge amount to report.   The manly scarf looks great in the Malabrigo twist yarn:


I’m half done, and the length is going to be good – I have 35 inches with one skein, so I’ll use most of the 2nd one and be done by Christmas Eve easily.  Yesterday, I hooked up my Mom’s DVD player finally, and we watched one of her favorite movies – Some Like It Hot – a terrific very funny movie with great lines, dancing, acting.  My mom knows most of the lines by heart!  I plowed ahead on the scarf, so I was happy to have some laughs and productive knitting.

The sweater for Afghans for Afghans is getting close:


I made some modifications – the books I consulted specified wider sleeves that Elizabeth Zimmermann included, so I added a couple of inches to the width as I increased from the cuff.  But I was concerned this width might not work so well in the yoke, so after about 1 1.2 inches of plain knitting on the yoke, I evenly decreased 1 1/2 inches over each “shoulder” part of the yoke before the big decreases.

Another change was to the final decreases.  I find the neckline kinda-tight when I’ve knit this before, so on the third and final set of decreases, I’m only doing 1/2 as many of them, and then trust that the ribbing will pull in to the needed level.  If it doesn’t work, it’s not much to reknit.  So far, the stripes (and the different colors of yarn) have worked out.  No immediate deadline for this – I hope to finish by the New Year to mail it off.

The Undulating scarf is also proceeding, but I’ve decided I’m going to turn it into a cowl. Ariane of Bluebird recommended that I add some more length before the grafting, so I can twist it twice for a cozy cowl, and I think she’s totally right. So more knitting.

And while the weather is totally knitting weather, the week before Christmas for a pastor – not so much. Fortunately, the presents are bought, the cards for Mom are done and ready for the US Postal Service drop-off. But we shall see. At least this year I do not have to pack to fly on Christmas morning. Oh, how I look forward to that!