It’s the knitting that counts

I received a knitted gift yesterday.  A lovely scarf, knitted just for me, in colors that I love:

Mitzi's Scarf

Mitzi gave it to me.  She’s over 80 and takes my kick-^&*^ high intensity water aerobics class – I think she takes classes 5 days a week!  She and I have a little joke when I’m counting down to finishing a particular move – she gets ahead of me, mostly on purpose, then we laugh and I usually say something like, “I guess someone is teaching from the front row!”   Me, I just wanna be like Mitzi when I grow up.
I hear you saying, “But it’s acrylic!” Yes, it’s in acrylic yarn.  But you know, this knitter, although I don’t knit with man-made yarns all that much, totally appreciates this scarf.  You see, few dare to knit for me.  I think they think I will look at all the details and judge their knitting.

This couldn’t be further from reality.  As long as the item is functional, I will most likely wear and think of the knitter fondly, just as I did with Mitzi’s scarf yesterday.   We knitters are like that.

Mitzi's Scarf.JPG

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