Fell Off

Fell off the “no knitting Christmas gifts” bandwagon.  As I clearly declared might have hinted at earlier, I was drawing a line in the sand about pondering whether to make any knitted gifts.

Then I found the lovely Brambles beret in the Deep Fall Knitty 2010, which conveniently comes in various sizes and slouchiness versions.  Then some yarn that I had in my stash completely leaped out at me and onto my needles, and before I knew it, there was a lovely beret in the (sadly discontinued) Llana Grossa Come yarn.  This yarn is wool, cotton, and cashmere, which is a perfect blend for the SF Bay Area, and has incredible stitch definition.

This one will be for Rachel, and the next one for her sister Allison. Project details on Ravelry here: Revknits Brambles

They are going so fast, I might do more gifts.  I know, I know!


It’s the knitting that counts

I received a knitted gift yesterday.  A lovely scarf, knitted just for me, in colors that I love:

Mitzi's Scarf

Mitzi gave it to me.  She’s over 80 and takes my kick-^&*^ high intensity water aerobics class – I think she takes classes 5 days a week!  She and I have a little joke when I’m counting down to finishing a particular move – she gets ahead of me, mostly on purpose, then we laugh and I usually say something like, “I guess someone is teaching from the front row!”   Me, I just wanna be like Mitzi when I grow up.
I hear you saying, “But it’s acrylic!” Yes, it’s in acrylic yarn.  But you know, this knitter, although I don’t knit with man-made yarns all that much, totally appreciates this scarf.  You see, few dare to knit for me.  I think they think I will look at all the details and judge their knitting.

This couldn’t be further from reality.  As long as the item is functional, I will most likely wear and think of the knitter fondly, just as I did with Mitzi’s scarf yesterday.   We knitters are like that.

Mitzi's Scarf.JPG