Friday Update

As with a lot of knitting, there are ups and downs.

This week, the ups include the Twist cardigan, a present for my cousin for Christmas (not originally going to wait that long, but it’s taken a while to finish this). I sewed on the sleeves, and blocked the sweater again, and a couple of good things happened.  Here’s a so-so photo of where things stand today:


First, the sleeves are looking ok, not like they are from a completely different dye lot. The fact that I blended two skeins for the button bands and the collar made it work. Whew! Second, the buttonhole band has relaxed some already, and has an ever-so-slight pull-in that I believe will be eliminated upon the wearing. Double-whew!

All that’s left is the grosgrain ribbon, buttons and weaving of ends. I hope that I can finish this in the next week.

Then there are the knitting downs. My other project, the Candleglow scarf, didn’t go so well. It has nothing to do with the quality of the pattern, or my handspun. But simply put, they were not meant for each other. The handspun is too variegated for the lace pattern, so that the beauty of the handspun was not coming through. I frogged the project entirely, got out my spindle and tightened up the spin on the skeins that I hadn’t done so with, and set the twist again, all the while trying to figure out what I could knit that would be a very satisfying knit. Finally, I came up with the Undulating Scarf (rav link) from Spin-Off Magazine, Summer 2010.

Undulating Scarf1b.JPG

The pluses for this pattern is that it is knit solidly, which is usually better for a variegated yarn, and the strong rib lines can stand up to the color changes without dominated the beauty of the handspun. See how lovely it is looking now?

A couple of caveats on this pattern – there is errata for the centered-double-increase in the pattern (check the Spin-off website or Ravelry pattern page), and there is no chart for this pattern, which is just crazy to me. Spin-Off rarely has charts for their patterns, and it puzzles me to no end, since most spinners are usually pretty skilled at knitting, weaving, crochet, etc. I’m coping, but about to pull out my Intwined Studios software and punch out a chart just for me.