Squared Off

I’ve finished all the squares for the youth Afghans for Afghans blanket, and I’ve got them arranged:


And the pile of squares is lovely to squish:


I still have to crochet edge four of the squares, but that won’t take much time.  The real question is how large the blanet will be. According to Afghans for Afghans, the blanket needs to be a minimum of 40 x 45, but no larger than 50 x 50.  I think I’ll shoot for 45 x 45, depending…

In the meantime, I had a knitting fog moment.  I’m knitting the lovely free pattern Moss Stitch Beret (check out Rav notes for the real stitch count at the top), and managed to drop stitches while knitting with Shelter  and the hem was off on a slant.  I kept thinking it wouldn’t bug me, and after all, the sticky yarn wasn’t going anywhere, but it still looked sad.  See?

Moss Stitch Beret1b.JPG

So, I ripped out the knitting to the hem and put the hem provisional stitches on a smaller double-point needle and reknit the stitches together.  Now, even if you do it perfectly, you’ll be a half-stitch off (it’s the nature of the hem), but boy, it looks a lot better now that the hem is straightened!

Moss Stitch Beret1c.JPG