Not Feeling the Holiday Knitting

Last year, I got a really early start on Holiday Knitting because Knitty had changed up its schedule, and I got inspired by a couple of the patterns.  By Christmas, I had wonderful, intricate knitted goodness for lot’s of folks in my life, like Verdigris fingerless mittens, the Ishbel Shawl and Ishbel hat, and a pair of Pomatomus Socks done toe-up.  I was totally on top of things.

This year has gone very differently.  When Knitty’s holiday head-start issue came out, I was still in the thick of my mom’s cleaning out aand getting oriented to living someplace new.  And I had leftover projects from the spring, like the beautiful Poplar and Elm sweater, and then I started a Mondo Cable Cardigan for my Mom. Also, I gave away the Annis scarf to Rachel because it was her birthday and totally her colors.  On top of all that,  because my cousin Marie is so awesome, I recently started a Twist cardigan (rav link) for her, which is coming along nicely.  I’ve ordered buttons, so I’m getting close to finishing that.

Suffice it to say, almost all of the people who get knitting items from me, have already received , or are about to receive, a truly lovely intricate knitted item from me in the last half of 2010.  I have knit a ton for other people this year, and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m starting to feel like I need to knit for me for a while. (Well, actually my Mom needs a warm scarf because she now lives where it is colder, but I’m cool with that.)  I’m totally ok with this, because of all these factors, except that it now raises a new issue:

What will I get all these folks for Christmas if I don’t knit for them?  Does this mean I will need to do some Christmas shopping?

Yarn and Fiber Alert: Did you know that A Verb for Keeping Warm is reopening its doors today in its new location on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland? Check it out – I can’t wait to see what’s new!

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Yeah, the bummer about not knitting them gifts is I’m not sure what to give them, because it has been my default for a number of years!

I’m not feeling the holiday knitting this year, either. I might try some easier – and quicker! – sewing projects instead, though. I already knit for other people on a pretty regular basis, and as a result I keep putting off the sweaters and other projects I intend to make for myself!

Oh, that’s a good idea. After all, I just had gotten out the sewing machine for the steeks. Will have to look up some easy-sew projects. And A Verb for Keeping Warm even now carries some fabric!

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