It was on sale

I really, really don’t need to buy a skein of yarn for quite some time, given that I’ve got a three-month sock yarn subscription starting this month, and two military-socks-worth of yarn coming from Socks for Soldiers for some folks that will be deploying at the beginning of the year.

But there was a sale, and yesterday I heards on the WEBS podcast about this exact colorway.  It’s all Kathy Elkins’ fault!


This is Madeline Tosh sock yarn, colorway is Fathom, and it glows.

In other news, the kitties find the steekable vest quite interesting.  The shape is pretty hilarious at the moment, but hopefully I’ll find some time tomorrow evening to sew and steek.  The fact that it will be All Saints Day is probably a good thing!

inVESTment1f.JPG inVESTment1e.JPG

Have a safe Halloween, everyone.  This morning in worship, I was a mover for Spiritual Moving and Storage (don’t you wish there was a company like this?) and this evening I’m going as a good witch to hang with my mom and cousins for the SF Giants 3rd win in the World Series (!).

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