Out of Hibernaton

This year, for those of you who have read the blog, has been a wild one since just after Easter (and had nothing to do at all with Jesus rising from the grave).  Hence, there are a few UFOs wandering around, and now that my Mom’s house in Southern California has sold, it’s a perfect chance to finish them up as I complete about the 4th sweater since I started the summer (a Twist Cardigan for my cousin).

First, there is the steeked vest.  A few of my knitting buddies got the idea last year to knit a steeked sweater, this one called Autumn Rose by Eunny Jang (rav link), to be precise.  I thought, because I knit for Afghans for Afghans, that it would be nice to make a vest instead (easier) but extra-warm, and so I picked up some Cascade Pastaza on deep sale at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber.  And so I knit improvisationally, as I am prone to do.  At first, it went really fast:


and then I kinda lost interest as the KAL also lost some steam (I’m not blaming anyone else, really!).  I even got the incredible Chiaki, (rav link) who teaches at Bluebird, to give me a 10-minute walk-through on the steek thing.  I also have a Lucy Neatby DVD that includes steeking.  Steeking need not be a dangerous thing.

Then the Ravelympics took over, and other projects, and before you know it, I was stalled at the fronts and backs above the armholes.  Life as I’ve known in the last few month intervened, and the bag got buried. And it was warmer, so chunky-weight stranded knitting was not a fun thing.  But now it is cool, and Afghans for Afghans needs things, so I just dug it out, and I’m pretty far along:


So, because Afghans for Afghans is again accepting vests for youth, I will finish this off and send it along.

I also have blanket squares. About a year and a half ago, Sophie at Bluebird donated a bunch of yarn for Afghans for Afghans blankets – and, as I blogged last year, there were a bunch of beauties in the lot. There’s a set of flicker photos here of all the blankets too. We had leftover squares, enough for a baby blanket, and I had collected them in a bag, and I even put numbers on them to arrange them. Izzie helped me to take stock of the situation:


But as you can see the blanket did not get finished – and it’s not much left to do – many of the squares already are edged.  But I will need to do four more squares, because the current minimum size is 40×45 inches, so I’ll add edging as well.

Fortunately, the kitties think this is a lovely project now that the weather has cooled off:


If you think you’d like to knit some squares for Afghans for Afghans blankets, there are some folks on the Fans of Afghans for Afghans group organizing another effort that you can check out.

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