Give me Shelter

I have to admit that I went all fan-girly when blogger/designer/photographer Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed) announced his new yarn, Shelter. I bought some quickly, and created a simple textured triangle shawl on the fly.  Here are my observations:

  1. Color. First, I can’t tell you much about color, because I foolishly bought an oatmeal-ish color.  It was a rationale at the time – I’d make a prayer shawl in the yarn, and by picking a neutral color, it could go to anyone.  Unfortunately, I don’t really enjoy knitting this color at all.  I wish I’d bought one of the vivid colors I’ve seen on on-line.
  2. Knitting. The yarn itself is a woolen well-spun two-ply yarn, and there is no separation of the plies at all.  I didn’t really have to look when I was knitting at all.  The feel of the yarn is not a soft-soft like merino, but it isn’t an itchy kind of feel either.  It’s crisp, and there is definitely both small bits of veggie matter as well as some small strands of blue plastic (maybe the bale ties?).  It definitely has great stitch definition before blocking, I was curious more about afterwards.
  3. Blocking. The blocking changed the drape and feel of the yarn for the better.  The drape improved, and the stitches melded more without losing their pattern. The yarn is more “sheepy” after the blocking, as evidenced by my kitty Brandy’s approval:


So, what would I make with Shelter?  I think I’d make a hats, wraps, and sweaters not next to the skin, and I have about a skein and a half left to make a hat or something like it.  But I would get one of the fantastic colors next time, not a neutral, because I am all about the color.  This is definitely not a yarn for those who live and die by merino super-wash.

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