Knitting APB: Lost socks (partial)

It’s been one of those weeks when you are crazy busy with all kind of new and unexpected things happening, then you manage to do a flip into the pool while teaching water aerobics, bruising your knee and requiring x-rays to check it out, then on Saturday as you finish a wedding your hip and lower back go crazy with pain and you limp to the car and crawl into your bed with heat on it, hoping that you’ll be functional for Sunday for worship and a wedding.  Then you find out the bride of the Sunday wedding changed the time by 1/2 hour and forgot to tell the coordinator, the organist, the pastor and the caterer.

Along the way you find out that friends are in crisis of the reallyseriousvariety, the kinds that require severance contracts and police, and you just want the world to GET A CLUE about behaving well to people with kindness and love.  This, not coincidentally, was the theme for last Sunday’s worship.

But on top of all this and planning to move the rest of my mom’s stuff out of the house next week because, thankfully, some real estate transactions are happening in this crazy time, there is a knitting crisis:

I lost a pair of socks.

To be completely honest, I lost 1 and 3/4 of a pair of socks.  I was teaching a couple of lovely students at Bluebird (waving at Magen and Mindy!) and threw everything into my bag at the end of class, and wearily walked to my car, drove home, and got into my apartment. I had the bag with the pair of socks (and one of my traveling notions kits) when I was in Bluebird, and I do not have it here at home.   I am putting out a knitting APB – because I couldn’t find it at Bluebird either – somewhere, the socks disappeared.

Let me admit, these are not fancy schmancy socks – it’s a pair for Afghans for Afghans, and some fingering Knitpicks yarn that I doubled for a basic sock.  The bag was made for me in a kitty toy swap – I like it, but I can live without it.  But it is the principle of the things – partial socks should not disappear into the vapors, unless there are sock vampires that I do not know about.

If you find the socks, please do return them to the knitter.  She would totally appreciate it.

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Wow – and I thought I was having a bad week! Hope you’re healing and really, really hope you find those socks. It’d be one thing if they had just been started, but to be so close to finishing – oy!

Thanks. Teaching water aerobics today was “interesting” and am scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. More work needed!

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