Jared Flood is a genius. But you knew that.

Shelter&KoolHaas.JPG, originally uploaded by skatfantoo.

It has turned into Brooklyntweed week at my house. The Shelter yarn under his own brand came yesterday, just as I finished knitting a Koolhaas hat.

The yarn is yummy in feel. Curiously, it doesn’t smell “sheepy” to me, and there some odor that Clara Parkes thinks might be wool wash. I’m knitting a textured triangular shawl of my own design and can’t wait to see what happens when I block it!

4 replies on “Jared Flood is a genius. But you knew that.”

I’m wildly curious about the Shelter yarn – all the the photos I’ve seen of it are GORgeous and I’m dying to try it . Please do let us know how you like it!



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