One of those days

This is one of those days when things are off-kilter from the get-go.

I have a lovely tortoise-shell kitty named Brandy – see?
cat pad for Brandy 3

And Brandy loves to cuddle.  This morning, before I even had an alarm go off, she came in and plopped on top of me to hang out and get warm.  Then, after the alarm went off, she came closer to nudge, and then got too close to my eye (!) and even clawed a bit at the eye-lid.  Major freakout.  The day had begun before I even got out of bed.

Fortunately, it appeared that she had not gotten to my eye, only the lid.  A little eye-watering, and all was basically ok.  Time to get ready for teaching water aerobics (my third morning of getting out the door before 9 am).  It was important for this class to go ok, because there was a problem on Friday with the pool overflowing with all my students there (it’s one of the larger classes) to the point that I had to stop teaching for about 15 minutes until things got corrected.  But by then most of the students had gone.

So, half-way into the class, I was trading out barbells for a student who had a pair that were too big, and in reaching for one of them, I reached too far, and flipped over into the pool, banging my knee and shin on the edge.  At first, I didn’t think I’d done anything, but when I got back up on the deck, the leg was hurting.  Chelsea, one of the lifeguards, came over and tried to get me to take a break, but I was in a stubborn mood, and told her I was fine, so she went to the aquatics director who told me that I had to put ice on the knee, and that I could teach sitting down.  Which I did — I wasn’t going to cut that class short after what happened on Friday.

Of course, because the aquatics director is properly concerned about safety, she referred me to the workers comp doctors, and since I already had a doctor’s appointment later in the morning, that was scheduled for the afternoon.  So, I got checked out for non-knee related items with my own doctor, had a quick lunch, then went off to the other doc for a check-out, a few knee X-rays (which turned out fine), and got my new meds.

Fibery news:  The Corriedale Tequila Sunrise is spun and ready for knitting something – I’m kinda eyeing the Wayfarer Scarf from Brooklyntweed (since I’ve already ordered some of his new Shelter yarn maybe it’s Jared Flood week in my house):

Corriedale handspun1b.JPG

And the Knitpicks bare dyed beautifully:
Knitpicks supmerino1b.JPG
but I would never ever use this as a single strand for a sock that I wanted to last any time at all.  I’m double stranding for a pair for Afghans for Afghans, and I think it’ll be acceptable, but please know that this is not sock yarn.

I got a lot of sock knitting done, and there’s a Koolhaas hat that I’m almost done with after waiting room time today.  Photos soon!

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I just adore that orange yarn!! Orange was my son’s favorite color for a while (now he prefers brown and black, sigh…) and even though I can’t wear orange, I’m still drawn to it.

The yarn is a lovely hot peach/orange, and ordinarily not my color, but I was SO tired of the blue/greens that I needed to spin this. Not sure that I’ll keep the final product, but it’s been a lot of fun!

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