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This has not been a knitting week.  Oh, I did do a couple of tiny projects, which I’ll discuss below, but it has been an in-between kind of week for the knitting.  That’s ok, because LIFE got in the way (I am working to sell my Mom’s house in SoCal, and then have 4 part-time jobs which all decided they need attention this week), and I think a lull is good for my hands, which have been doing a heck of a lot of knitting with socks and sweaters.

Housewarming Present: I was invited to a congregation’s members “housewarming dinner” which was offered to a small group that finished a project a while back.  This is Christin’s first owned home, a lovely condo about a block from the water in San Francisco, in an old building with all the lovely fittings and finishing from bye-gone eras.  I decided to knit a couple of dishcloths as a housewarming present.  This posed a couple of risks:  1. I didn’t know if she would appreciate hand-knitted items, although I figured it was a small amount of time to devote, and 2. I had no idea of the colors of her new place, and 3.  I usually do NOT knit for congregation members because this is a slippery slope – I can’t knit for everyone.  I knit a basketweave dishcloth in blue, and a traditional garter-stitch on the diagonal one in a heather recycled cotton. (Sorry, I forgot to take photos.)

On the way there in the carpool, I mentioned what I had done, and one of the group immediately waxed eloquently about the ultimate superiority of the handknit dishcloth, their very obvious advantages over store-bought ones, and how they hold up to “real cleaning” which I find hilarious given my slovenly cleaning habits.  We ate dinner for the lovely evening, which was amazing Chinese food from Chinatown in SF, and a most decadent chocolate dessert which was described as a no-flour chocolate cake and was simply a 9-inch round truffle.  Finally, the gal who’d been told of the wonders of the dishcloth couldn’t take it anymore and pleaded for Christin to open up the gift.  And by then I knew – the colors were perfect for her kitchen and apartment, she was short on potholders and scrubbers, and she was thrilled.  Here’s a bit of the thank you email that I got afterward:

Thank you so much for the pot holders!  It could not have given a more practical and appreciated gift, and will think of you and our committee every time I pull out a hot dish from the oven.”

Whew!  She got it.

Spinning I’m finally finishing up on the Corriedale pencil roving that I bought for Tour de Fleece back in July.  It’s been that kind of summer.   Based on weighing, etc., I think I’ll end up with about 600 yards of DK-ish yarn in the lovely pink Pina Colada colorway.  I’m hoping to finish plying the last bit this weekend, and then set the twist.  Pondering my choices – I’d like to do a shawl.

Dyeing I received word from Afghans for Afghans today that the sock adventure continues (with the addition of mittens too).  I happen to have some Knitpicks bare merino sock yarn in my stash, and did a bit of kettle-dyeing this afternoon.  I wish there was a magic way to dry it the yarn fast, because a mindless sock pattern would be just my speed right now.  Photos soon.

Random Bits

  • Have you heard the new podcast called The Knit Wits? This is a hilarious podcast by a wife (the knit) and husband (the wit) who have an amazing mix of spinning, knitting, humor and all kinds of craziness.  It is a hot new podcast that is really worth checking out.
  • I fell off the yarn wagon this week with Jared Flood’s announcement of his new yarn line called Shelter (great name), which is totally USA sourced and processed.  And it’s a woolen yarn, so very light and soft.  I might have bought a few skeins for a prayer shawl (isn’t it great when you can justify a purchase because it’ll eventually make someone else happy?)

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