Just Enough

Whew. I had just enough yarn.  I can tell now that the sweater is blocking and looking might fine.  This yarn has incredible stitch definition.

MOndo Cardi1d.JPG
See how pretty the center cables look?

Mondo Cardi1f.JPG

Part of the way I stretched the yarn was to use the taupe colorway for the knitted hems.  And I totally love the TECHknitter’s instructions on doing the sewn version:

Mondo Cardi1e.JPG
The last bit is to put a button on – I found a lovely one at Bluebird Yarn that I’ll pick up this week.  Right now, the weather is quite warm, so I’m not stressing about Mom wanting to wear it soon.

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Thanks. The cotton in the yarn is my friend, helping the garment to stretch to the needed length. I think it’s going to be perfect~

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