If I hold my breath…

The Mondo Cable cardi is progressing well, but I am very worried about how much yarn I have:

Mondo Cardi1c.JPG

See, Izzie is looking at me with an encouraging eye, but I think she sees what I see – it’s gonna be close.  I knew when I bought the yasrn that the amount was under the indicated amount for a cardigan, but I’ve been hoping that like most designers, there’s an extra allowance for what’s needed.  The yarn was a closeout at my lovely Bluebird, a great yarn – cotton, wool and cashmere — perfect for the SF Bay Area and a lovely color for my mom.  I bought two skeins each of other colors (including the taupe skein in the photo).  It was a great buy for a luxury yarn.

So, here’s the plan.  I will take the sweater to Mom and try it on her  to see how we are doing in length with the body and sleeves.  I already measured another sweater of hers to make this one, so it should be close. If all is well, I’ll knit more on the body ’til I can do a “turning row”, then switch to the taupe for a knitting hem, and then tack that down, and do the same knitted hem for the sleeves.  If there’s no way this will fit, then I guess I’ll have to incorporate the taupe at the edge of the sleeves and the bottom of the sweater.  But I’m still hoping that won’t be necessary.

In other news, I’ve swatched for the Twist Cardigan, and the yarn is great (Dream in Color Classy – Blue Lagoon Colorway).  Once I’ve got the intended recipient’s measurements, I can start knitting.  My gauge is close, and I can fudge what’s needed.

Twist Swatch.JPG