Getting out of the rut

I’ve been knitting a lot of socks – Afghans for Afghans is doing a sock campaign, and there are a few reasons why this is good for me:

  1. Summer knitting – I love to knit socks in the summer
  2. Free yarn – how great can that be?
  3. Dye experiments – I’ve been playing with dyeing the free yarn.

Still, I’m getting a little tired of the socks.  Here are the latest projects:

a4a youth socks
I like them, but I need to get out of the sock rut.

I had bought some lovely sale yarn — Come (discontinued), which is extrafine merino, cotton and cashmere – and finally decided to knit my Mom a Mondo Cable Cardigan.  The yarn is perfect for the SF Bay Area, and Mom is a bit short on sweaters, so this will be a good addition for her. I’m adding some short rows on the upper back due to Mom’s osteoporosis, but other than that, it’s a lovely simple knit.