FO: Mythos Sweater (It Rocks!)

Oh my, I am very, very happy that my sweater has turned out well.  But first, let’s review the journey.

  1. I decided to knit the Mythos sweater out of lace-weight yarn that had been looking for a project.  This meant an entire recalculation of all the relevant numbers because my gauge is different.
  2. Just as I was about to begin the sweater, a second version knit for the designer showed up, with a loose fit that was very attractive and more what my particular body needs at this time.  I ended up knitting mostly the 44″ bust size, but with a smaller back and neck because I wanted less volume there to make me a bit skinner.  I think this was a good decision for me.
  3. Knitting – I knit the first half, thinking all went well, started the second half, and realized that I had knit the first front incorrectly.  Finished knitting the second front, went back and tinked and reknit the first front.  Then, on the home lap of the 2nd half of the back, I realized that my body and sleeve stitch counts for the first half were too big (my mistake).  By one inch.  I gnashed my teeth and put the sweater into timeout for a couple days, and realized that I could fudge it – only six stitches,  and this is lace weight which will block easily.
  4. Finishing – let me just say for a sweater that has so few seams, this is a lot of finishing – 5 hours at least.  And I’m not a slow finisher.  There’s a version out there that eliminates the sleeve and side-seams, but I’d be cautious about that because there are already no shoulder seams.  Anyway, you block each piece, put it together, then you block again because of the back grafting and the seams.
  5. Try it on.  It fits.  It looks good.  Whew.  I put it down because all I have left is the weaving in of ends, and Brandy makes sure that I know that Izzie is not the only knitting inspector in the household.  Brandy employs the “full body” approach.  Who can blame her with such lovely yarn?
  6. Mythos1g.JPG

  7. Enjoy and wear.  I wore this today and had at least three people compliment me unprompted.  Yay!  These photos were shot by my LYS store owner/dealer – Sophie of Blue Bird Yarn and Fiber.


On that rear view, it looks like the sweater goes up in the back – actually, I think I just need to block the bottom edge a bit so that it doesn’t roll under. The sweater itself is plenty long…

6 replies on “FO: Mythos Sweater (It Rocks!)”

I’m impressed. You really fixed all the little issues and ended up with a drop-dead gorgeous sweater. I’m not surprised you’re getting compliments.

I’m also jealous that you live in a place where you can wear a sweater in August.

Ah, yes, it’s definitely been sweater weather ALL summer in Sausalito. It’s going to be hot today – one day – then back to mid-80’s, which is still warmer than it’s been.

Yes, I’m so glad that the little glitches worked themselves out. Having a variegated yarn helps some (I could hide the increases very easily).

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