Well, the Mythos cardigan has a few problems. I found out that I had managed to screw of the shaping of the right side when I knit it, so I tinked back and reknit that after I finished the left front. I was excited – I only had the back left side to finish.

Well, that is, til I realized that the entire right side of the sweater body is too long by 6 stitches. Argh.  The sweater has been in time out for a couple of days.   It was just too painful to think of ripping out, and I needed to consider my options.   This is lace-weight yarn on size 3 needles. I’ve already reknit the front once. So, what are the options?

  1. Do nothing.  Not an attractive option – the grafting of the back will not work.
  2. Increase 3 stitches on the left back that I have yet to knit, and add 3 stitches to the right side.  The back will match, but what about the sides – they will be uneven.
  3. Blocking.  This is laceweight yarn, it will stretch, and this is only 6 stitches out of 90.  This will help some.  What else?
  4. Seam “management”.  I can also ever-so-slightly pull up the seam to match the other side in length.  This will make sure that the side are equal as well.
  5. That leaves the front – which I’m hoping will just drape beautifully and show off the gorgeous colorway.

Any other ideas?

May the knitting force be with me as I go onward!