FOOIR: Poplar and Elm

[FOOIR: Finished Object on Intended Recipient]

Well, I got the sweater and the recipient in the same room, so I could put it on her, and get the buttons put in the most advantageous places. Allison has great shoulders and a tiny waist, so it looks really good on her from the front:
and the side:
and the back.
Hooray!!! I don’t mind a long knit as long as it works out. Whew.

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Allison’s sweater is beautiful! It is a really great fit. I just wished I could get my (self-designed) knitted items to fit half as good as that, – I am quite jealous!
I bet she’ll love wearing this.

Thanks, Giselle and Susan. The fit is pretty good, although the sleeves are a bit long (Allison claims she likes them that way). And she’s my cousin’s daughter — something this nice needs to stay in the family!

Now my only problem is that her mom is next in line for a sweater!

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