FO: Crochet Flowers and Poplar and Elm

Last week, I was lucky to have some friends visiting who came up to especially see my Mom and me. It was great fun, but I was so tired. On Saturday, when I had a wedding, my stomach and head weren’t doing so well, but I managed to get through it – figured it was allergies.

On Sunday, I wasn’t feeling so hot when I woke up.  This is not good when your job is to speak and pray with folks.  But I managed to get myself going by taking a caffeine pill (coffee wasn’t going to be good thing) and headed in after finishing up the sermon/talk.

When I got in, I was feeling better – good enough, and turned on the heat so I wouldn’t freeze.  I led the service ok, and was doing well enough that I decided to try some of the goodies at coffee hour – we have a GREAT social hour with tasty stuff and not just store-bought cookies.  Then the fade came.  When one congregant came up to chat, I realized that I needed to sit, so we did.  A few minutes later, I realized that I needed to leave pronto, which I did and got myself into my car, up to my apartment.  Within five minutes I was at the porcelain throne in the bathroom.

I finally realized that I’ve got a bad sinus infection – and for the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to deal with it without antibiotics, but I’m about to call my physician to get something for it.

What is bad for my body has been good for the knitting – and even a bit of crochet.

I have made good progress on the Mythos Cardigan, and am starting the back/front section of the left side.  Because of the new gadget that I got (see below), I know that I have enough yarn to finish this. Whew!

The Poplar and Elm sweater that was all knitting except for the finishing got finished yesterday, except for the buttons.  What a lovely pattern~
The color is amazing, the yarn is so yummy, especially after blocking.  The buttons are not yet attached because I need to rendevous with Allison, my cousin, so I can put them on to the best effect for her lovely hourglass shape.

There is also crochet to show.  My mom has a new rollator (that is a fancy word for the walkers that have seats).  This the one that she has, in purple (a sophisticated choice, if you ask me).  She wanted something fun on it (most of the rollators have great decoration), so I make these out of some Noro Kureyon (so I could get lots of colors and pay for only one skein):

Aren’t they cute?

But probably the best knitting thing this week is that I finally purchased a food scale to use to measure fiber and yarn – see?


Honestly,  just like my swift and ball winder, I wish that I had bought one of these a long time ago.  I was able to confirm that I will have enough yarn to knit the Mythos in laceweight  – – imagine my distress if I had run out of yarn for this project – words fail me.  And with spinning, I can now more readily calculate yardage of my handspun.  A total WIN!

This model is the Escali Primo – and it does have the Tare function so that you can weigh the container first and have that taken out of the weight of the thing you are weighing. It was only about $25, and totally worth it!

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