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I signed up for the Tour de Fleece event on Ravelry with very good intentions.  I thought that this would be a good experience for me to get back into a regular spinning mode.  But I started out too late.  I bought my fiber at the very last minute from Crown Mountain Farms, just when they were having computer problems.  So the fiber got here late, in spite of Klaus sending along my order in parts.

So the first day, I spun a little yak-silk from A Verb for Keeping Warm.  I’m not thrilled about my ability to spin this stuff yet.  The next day, I spun at the Marin County Fair with my expert spinner friend Judy.  The best possible moment came with a older elementary school girl who recognized the spindle spinning from The Little House on the Prairie.  She was with her cool aunt who’d brought her to the Fair from San Francisco, so I showed her the cheap and very useful Schacht spindle, and where to get one in the city.  I may have evangelized.

But since then, I’ve been sporadic.  I’m a wannabe Tour de Fleecer this year.  But I am experimenting with some new-to-me wools.  I got some undyed Polwarth – it’s just gorgeous to spin, and hard to see how you could do something wrong with it:

So white, so shiny!

and I got some pencil roving in a beautiful Tequila Sunrise colorway that has also spun up beautifully into a lace-weight yarn:


How will I choose which to use first?  I may go with the Corriedale, simply because it is dyed already.


And a question came up at the Spin demonstration that I could not answer:  How did Snow White prick herself on her spindle?  Do we know what kind of spindle it was?  Inquiring minds want to know the answer!

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That’s easy. Back when the great wheels were the only ones around, from what I’ve read they could over time become sharp at the end of the spindle. Add in the bacteria that thrives in wet pastures that sheep walk through, giving them hoof and mouth disease as they get it scattered through their fleeces… People don’t usually contract the disease, but when they do it can put them in a coma.

Put all those pieces together, and you get the Snow White story.

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