A Dye Experiment

A couple of years ago, I was given a lot of white yarn, angora, mohair, and wool, because I knit for Afghans for Afghans. I really just put it in my closet, vowing to dye it. I finally pulled out some of the yarn and started in. I began by using this worsted wool that was made in Norway and sent to California. It has a charming label:


I did some kettle dyeing. The aqua/blue is a combination of commercial acid dyes and leftover easter egg dyes.

The aqua/green/brown is a combination of three acid dyes: aqua, emerald, and brown. It came out pretty well.

I’m calling this yarn my Poor Man’s Dream in Color. Certainly not in the same league in terms of my dye skills, but it has that subtle color thing going on. This yarn is destined for socks, for Afghans of Afghans, of course!

And I’m off to the Marin County Fair to see how I did. I’ve heard I got some ribbons!