FO: Annis, and some other stuff to report

I finished my Annis shawl, which I think has come out quite nicely, although not the same size as the pattern – no silk in the yarn, I think:


I did a seed stitch border at the neckline, which I like for appearances and practicality’s sake.


I’ve also finished spinning up the Falkland fiber, see?

Falkland Dapple 1a.JPG

This went quickly, so quickly that I was thinking back to the fall with the other Falkland fiber, then I realized that I spun this to a different weight. The green is a laceweight, and the blue-yellow is more of a sport weight. No wonder it went so much faster!

Falkland comparison.JPG
I’m planning to knit a Milkweed shawl out of this – I’ve been eyeing the pattern for months, and finally have a yarn that will be a good match.

Finally, I’m sending off some youth socks for the Afghans for Afghans summer campaign. Socks are a great campaign for this warm weather, and I’m working through a ton of worsted and fingering yarn that’s hanging around. This is the first installment, and Izzie did her usual inspection.

A4A youth socks1b.JPG

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