First 3-ply

I did finish up the plying of the merino-silk fiber in Azure from A Verb for Keeping Warm. I love the balance and roundness that a 3-ply gives you:

Verb silk-merino1b.JPG

Verb silk-merino1a.JPG
I’ll have to figure out what to make out of this – not much yardage, but really lovely.

But I was bashful about entering this yarn into the fair.  At the last minute, I pulled out some of the Abstract Targhee that I spun for some socks and entered it.  Not holding my breath on winning anything, just taking the plunge.

The Poplar and Elm sweater is proceeding in fits and starts – I’m finishing up the second front of the cardigan, and then it’s on to the sleeves.  I like the pattern so far, although keeping track of the decreases and increases along the front edge can be challenging.

I’m also finishing up an Annis shawl from the Spring/Summer Knitty 2010 – the breakout knit from that issue, if Ravelry is any indication.  I love the lace pattern, made it through the nupps, and began to realized that the shawl is mostly stockinette with no edging on the inside, which is lovely aesthetically, but not very functional (it rolls), so I’m doing a 3-stitch seed stitch edging as a I cast-off – it looks good, and we’ll see if this is enough to reduce the rolling.

Oh, and the Falkland fiber is spun into singles, awaiting plying.  I’m trying to figure out what I’ll knit with it – probably a shawl, any suggestions out there?

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