New Mojo

I’m getting the spinning mojo back.  In part, a visit to A Verb for Keeping Warm and the 15% off sale helped a lot.  I got some more amazing dyed fiber there from Pigeonroof Studios:

Piegeonroof top.JPG

The fiber on the right is some stuff I got off Ravelry from the Fiber Club, it’s the Falkland fiber that I made my handspun Ishbel from. The stuff on the left is very yummy, see the content?
Pigeonroof Fiber.JPG

I’ve also gotten the spindle out: I’m plying my very first 3-ply yarn – so far so good. It’s good that I’m doing this, because when I went back to my entry form for the Marin Co Fair, and I had put in an entry for this fiber – we’ll see if it is good enough to actually enter!


The other projects are getting their blocking and shaving so they present themselves well:

I’m also using a cool knitting bag that my friend Lesley is making up: it’s very cute, and a perfect size for socks!

And finally, I’m starting on the Annis shawl from Spring/Summer 2010 Knitty – an easy knit (with a little excitement of nupps to keep me on my toes). I’m using two related colorways, one for the edge, and the other for the shawl:


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