The Power of Blocking

I’m always amazed that blocking makes such a difference.  Take this Ishbel:

Ishbel IVa.JPG
Not so pretty in the pre-blocking state.  But in the after blocking state, it is quite lovely:


And then there is my Poplar and Elm sweater.  I finished the back, and it looked like it might fit a 10-year-old, pre-blocking.  See?

Rather than find out that the sweater was completely the wrong size after knitting the entire sweater, I decided to block the back to make sure that it can go to the right size.  It’s not dry, but without a very aggressive block, the results are looking pretty good:



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I’ve got to switch to another lace shawl — lovely as this is, I’m bored with the pattern. Thanks for the compliments – I’m happy with both projects!

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