Ooh, the lace, the lace!

You may have noticed that I knit for others a lot – partly because I knit a lot and don’t need a whole lot more sweater at any point, and also because it is a fun thing to do for those who appreciate it. One of those who appreciates it is my daughter’s cousin Allison.

When the Twist Collective Spring Issue came out, I had a collective gasp at all the knitterly gorgeousness in it. Seriously, how can one issue have so many awesome patterns? But one of my favorites was the Poplar and Elm pattern. And it turns out that Allison liked it too when I tweeted her about this. So, I got the pattern, bought the yarn from Sunday Knits, and this lovely package came in the mail. The yarn is yummy (and cheaper when you buy the knit pack she’s selling to go with the pattern):


and she throws in this lovely project bag with the yarn:


I am a very happy knitter, and hoping to start a swatch this afternoon if I can find the time!

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