Favorite Child

I confess, I get all attached to things that I knit. But I am a fickle knitter, I like the newer child better.

Such is the case with socks.

I recently knit these socks out of the very first yarn that I hand-dyed. I whined that I might keep them for myself, even though I don’t wear socks this thick, and they would keep a child in Afghanistan warm. Yeah, that was pretty honest to admit.

Hand-dyed socks1e.JPG

But now, well, now I have no problem putting them in the Afghans for Afghans pile. What has caused this change of mind? Was it that I really got in touch with only being able to wear 2 socks at a time, or that I could hand-dye more yarn just about any time that I want? I wish. I wish that it was being way more generous than I really am about socks.

No, it was that I am now knitting this lovely handspun-by-me yarn from Targhee from Abstract Fiber. It was supposed to be a three-ply yarn, but the stuff is so crimped and bouncy it ended up being a two-ply yarn:


into another pair of socks in the lovely “Laurel” colorway – and I’m smitten by them.
Handspun Socks1a

Yep, I’m just now infatuated with another, newer pair of socks-in-the-making.