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I am hopelessly behind at work – my sinuses are giving me migraines, and other than getting my router up and running again after Comcast decided on its own to simply delete my modem (which they own!) from my account, the day was a complete wash-out, workwise.  Meds make the brain so fuzzy that I can’t do my kind of work.

That said, I have gotten a couple of things this week that have brightened my days.  First, from the fine folks at Ravelry, I got my Ravelympics pin, so my lone Bob pin from 2008 now has company:

Ravelympics Medals.JPG

And I broke down and bought the Spin-Off DVD from 2008 – I figure that it’s less room than the magazines, and I’ll get a feel for whether I should subscribe or not.  I haven’t had a chance to do more than a quick glance through one issue, so the jury is out.

Spin Off DVD

My targhee singles got spun up fast.  The plan was to make a 3-ply yarn for socks, but I wondered how this very bouncy, crimpy fiber would behave, so I did a test ply with 2 strands, set the twist, and knit a small swatch.  I think I made two-ply sock yarn – about 7.5 stitches to the inch, with lot’s of wonderful bounce and stretch.  I’m liking the colors, they came out way more muted because I haven’t learned to navajo-ply yet – I hope to take a class with Michael of Fiber Beat next month.


The toe-up socks, ai ya-ya.  The pattern is Sherie’s Posies Socks (rav link) from Socks from the Toe-Up by Wendy D. Johnson. First, I had to downsize the pattern because the sock was way too wide – so I made the side lace pattern smaller, and ditched the diamond lace pattern because just the hearts showed up better, and my sock is narrower.  These adjustments worked (although downsizing the sock meant that I had to reverse engineer Wendy’s heel – I wish she had a worksheet for her heel because this was not much fun to do, a trial and error kind of thing.)  But all things considered, the first sock went well. (This is the 2nd sock the first sock, but you can see what I did with the pattern)


And then I started the 2nd one. Apparently my magical powers to count to 29 failed completely, because after getting all the way through the heel and starting on the leg, I noticed a couple of problems.  First, the sock had 4-6 too many stitches because I failed completely at the beginning of the toe and compounded this later as well, and made the lace pattern incorrectly (making the heart longer and wider) which meant the socks most definitely did not match and also didn’t fit well.  Sigh.

I ripped back to the toe, and did the sock again – I’ve been checking my work, and so far, things look good, and I have only 1.5 lace repeats left, so I think and pray and hope that this sock will be done very, very soon.  With all the trouble, it’s a good thing I really like them!