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Sock Life

I finished the basic youth socks for Afghans for Afghans, thanks to another long meeting on Saturday. They definitely need a dye job – this color is very boring:

a4a youth socks

And I decided that I needed another sock for me to work on. I had some lovely yarn choices, and finally decided on using the Creative superwash merino from A Verb for Keeping Warm – a lovely colorway called Fresh Water. And then I looked through my toe-up sock books, and selected Sheri’s Posies Socks (from Socks from the Toe Up). I’m not usually a lacey sock girl, but I needed a change.

I think the pattern is lovely, and I downsized the sock a bit by casting on four stitches fewer than for the medium size. Even that was too big, so I tinked back to the toe and reduced by four more stitches, and this is a about a right – lace stretches more in my opinion.

Then I noticed that my hands had blue dye on them? WTF? So I emailed the lovely Kristine (who apparently is a night-owl like me), and got back a reply that this is an indigo-based dye, so this is the usual issue. Ah, now I get it. (Apparently there is usually a slip of paper included with purchase to explain this). On with the knitting.

I’ve had to adjust the pattern for the reduced number of stitches, but fortunately that is not a problem with this lace pattern, and so far, I’m enjoying the not-too-complicated lace and the lovely yarn:


There’s also a considerable amount of spinning happening – more on that soon!