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I’m trying out my beautiful new Asciano Spindle – and she’s a real beauty.
asciano spindle.JPG

The fiber is some beautiful targhee wool top from Abstract Fiber and I’ve whizzed through 1/3 of it already.  This time, I’m not winding it off separately, but putting the cop onto a straw – and it worked!

I’m still working on a basic sock for Afghans for Afghans – they are continuing the youth campaign until early May, and socks and sweaters are the thing they usually have less of.

a4a Youth Sock

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I’m so glad you mentioned that the socks and sweaters will be accepted until May! I have a sweater nearly done (just needs a collar and a zipper) and a pair of socks I finished in time for the knitting olympics, but not the March deadline.

And your spinning is beautiful, too 🙂

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