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more knitting than I’m used to seeing

On Monday, I went to “the basement” to help pack for Afghans for Afghans. It was quite an experience. First, imagine cartloads of boxes coming in with packages of knitting. Those have to be cut open, and a first-level sort completed (hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, etc, into different boxes). Annette is an old hand at this:

Ann unpacks socks

Then, after the first level sort, each group is reviewed by a knitter or crocheter who can look at the garment in more detail to figure out if it will work (most do, and the percentage is up for every campaign). This beautiful vest was a clear winner to Else:

We had someone visiting the Bay Area from the East Coast who took some time out of her trip to help us – a big hand for Edie! As a bonus, she got to try on the vest that most of us were drooling over and probably would have left with had not the other volunteers been present.


I got to have my photo taken with my sweater:

Renee with Sweater.jpg

After the 2nd sort, that box of items is labeled so we don’t go through this stuff a 3rd time:

Sorted mittens.jpg

And then comes the packing. In full disclosure, I want to let you know that I managed to do a good job on sorting, but I was a lousy packer – partly, it was that we had a few too many of the sweaters done in the extra bulky yarn, but I quickly diverted myself back to sorting, and taking photos. These two gals were loading mittens into one of the cartons:

How many Mittens?.jpg

and they did a lot better than I did.

Stuffing the box.jpg

And the enormity of the items hit me later. All the knitting, crocheting, time mailing beautiful, stunning and warm garments — and those who have been doing this for 8 years — like wow!