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just a little problem

Last year when I went to Stitches, I bought very little – a swift (which has made life so much easier), a little bit of yarn, a book. It was a simple year.

This year, not so much. I learned to spin over the summer, and since only one of my LYS carries fiber (thank you, Llama Llama Knit for enabling me so well), I really was in the mood for more. Taking a spindling class with the Amazing Michael at A Verb for Keeping Warm the Sunday before Stitches only increased my yearning to BUY ALL THINGS FOR SPINNING. MUST HAVE! NOW!!

Yeah, a little bit of a problem. So it should come as no surprise that I more than made up for my parsimonious ways of last year:


–two spindles (yeah, after I bought a Kundert on Sunday)
–lots of fiber (Targhee from Abstract Fiber, silk and silk merino from Verb, a couple of 1 oz luxury mixes from Knitifacts (including a 40% alpaca, 40% camel, and 10% silk)
–a WPI tool
–a amazing goodie bag from the Knitmore Girls, including a retractable measuring tape, soak samples, free sock pattern and a skein of hard-wearing Regia sock yarn. They are truly lovely women, and such a great example of mother-daugther bonding.
–a free bag from the Verb (after I went back and bought my spindle and looked yearningly at the bags)
–sock yarn from Miss Babs (Babs gave me a free little stitch marker as a new customer)
–charting software from Intwined Studio (a new start-up – friendly people with a good cheap product)

I also felt as though I got to meet a lot of great folks – the lovely folks at Pigeonroof Studios, Deborah at Asciano Fiber Arts Tools who sold me an incredibly beautiful spindle, Kristine at Verb, Robin Page of Pagewood Farm, and so on. And just sitting and meeting other prayer shawl knitters at lunch was fun, and catching up with old friends that I haven’t seen since the year started.

It was such a lovely couple of days, I’ve floated since then!