For the baby

I love knitting for babies. First, the recipients have little say about what you knit, so you can spend time thinking about fun, fun, fun (oh, and pleasing the parents). Second, the items go quickly. The sweater is done in a matter of days, the socks in a couple of hours, the hat, not much more.


My supervisor at the YMCA is having a baby, and knows it is a girl, so I bought some lovely washable tweed yarn for the mom’s sake, and pink and lime green to cheer me up in the foggy/rain that I’ve been living in for the last week. The cardigan is the lovely Buttons sweater from Cabin Fever, and the socks are the Little Speckled Toes. This sweater pattern is done from the top-down, with an option for no seams at all (!). I’ve knit numerous versions, and it comes out great every time, whether in one color or two. The sock pattern is a great way to learn how to knit a sock – turning the heel takes 10 minutes, so if you get it wrong, you can quickly give it another try.

The hat is my own creation. I cast-on a bunch of stitches, joined in the round, and knit for several rounds in stockinette. Then I knit a purl round, and began to knit in garter stitch for about an inch and then knit a round picking up the cast on for a hem. The rest of the hat is a very basic stockinette hat. Sophie, my local yarn store owner, says it looks like a pumpkin!

And the feline approval is also evident:


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