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I’m very excited that there is another youth campaign with Afghans for Afghans along with Church World Service. Details of the campaign can be found here.

I’m thinking that I’ll finish (finally!) the blanket squares that have been haunting my yarn area, then work on some sweaters and vests to start with, and finish up with some socks and mittens with any leftovers. I got a bunch of Pastaza wool/alpaca yarn at Bluebird’s summer sale, and there’s more on the WEBS site too, so I think I’ll buy a bit more and have a bunch to play with over the winter.

Updated:  I did buy more Pastaza at the year-end WEBS sale, and while on vacation visiting my Mom, I managed to finish this little vest:


I used the schematics from Sweater 101 to make up a vest pattern, and used the criss cross cable with twists for the central cable.  My other thoughts were that having some ribbing at the sides would be a way for the vest to be close-fitting and warm.  I had the ribbing come up the sides of the armscythe (eliminating the need for an edging), and had the central cable come up along the v-neck as well.  That little cable was continued on its own after I reached the top fronts, then grafted together and sewn into the back neck.


Other knitterly features include:  short rows at about 5 inches on the back to make the vest hang better, short-rows at the top-shoulders with a three-needle bind-off.  The only finishing at the end was the top back neck and weaving in the ends.

I’m pondering writing this up as a pattern – what do folks think – it is worth it?