Projects Vacation

The Foot People

I’m visiting my mom in Southern California for the holidays. Her foot was hurting, so I took her to the podiatrist yesterday, bringing along my toe-up sock project. The nurse commented on it when she came in to get my mom ready, and then the doctor came in. She stopped, looked at the partially knitted sock, and exclaimed, “What is that??
“It’s a sock,” I replied.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hand-knitted sock,” she replied, interested. (This is LA, folks, not such a surprise.)
“They are wonderful to wear.  Very cushy” I said.
She came and looked at it, admiringly.

Later, after we left, it hit me. These are foot people. Of course they were interested in foot covers!

In other news, the toe-up socks are done, and gorgeous, if I might say.  The second of the fancy socks are underway. I am about to do the second dreaded partridge heel in two colors on Size 0 needles.

I’m aware that this is not very positive thinking.

And its rainy, and cold for here. Maybe I’ll wear some hand-knitted socks today!