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Twist, for sure

The addiction continues. Twist has cast a spell over me, and I am helpless to resist. These popped over the weekend:

Quick Mitts1a.JPG

And I caught this photo, and I didn’t even know that Izzie was there – kinda cool.
Quick Mitts1f.JPG

The improvised pattern uses a tubular cast-on for 36 stitches, then do a mini-cable to go into 2×2 ribbing. I did another mini-twist at the beginning of the thumb gusset, which is done most in 1×1 ribbing.

Quick Mitts1b.JPG

The cast-off for the hand is my switch out to a tubular cast-off, while the thumb gusset was done conventionally in pattern.

Quick Mitts1c.JPG

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