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FO: Hap Blanket

I also have been working on an item for a baby – so fun to knit for them. This is meant not to be a keepsake, but a workhorse baby blanket that can go into the washer and dryer with no second thoughts. Easy on the Mom and Dad, and not-too-warm for the baby who will be living in a no-snow climate:

Hap Blanket1b.JPG

Blanket Pattern: Hap Blanket by Ysolda (rav link), done with just one color. I’ve now done at least 5 patterns from her lovely Whimsical Little Knits Collection!

I think I’ll do a hat as well, probably my own Under the Big Top Hat in girly colors. (rav link)

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I love it…makes me sad that I only bought the ishbel pattern and not the entire collection. Sigh.

I am sure the baby (and her parents) will love this gift!

Thanks for showing me this! I have a great-nephew coming in the spring, in Phoenix, and some undyed organic cotton. . . this may be the one.

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