Cutting It Close

I just cast-off my lovely Argante Shawl.


As I was knitting, I realized that this is one of those project where it might be wise to weigh it as you get close to what you hope is the half-way point, so you know to begin to finish the second half. I don’t own a postal scale (Christmas present this year?), so I judged it by eye.

I began to do the decreases, and kept thinking to myself “Do I have enough yarn to finish this? I know I do…maybe I don’t. I don’t know!” But I kept on knitting anyway. After all, it isn’t that complicated a project, and I could always rip it out. But I hoped, very hard that I wouldn’t.

As I got down to the very last part, I really wasn’t sure. And by the last 10 rows, I knew I had plenty of yarn. See how much I had left when I cast-off?


Talk about cutting it close!

(Yes, this is the same indiecita colorway that I knit the cowl in.)

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