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Malabrigo with a Twist

I am not a yarnie – that is, I don’t look for all the cool and new yarns, and have to hunt them down on Etsy or other sites. I am pretty happy with what’s available at my local LYS – this one and this one too.

So, when the new Malabrigo Twist became available, it was pretty unusual for me to leap on the bandwagon so quickly. But the favorite colorway was available, so I scooped up two skeins – one for a cowl, and the other will be for a hat.

My feelings about this yarn: it has all the wonderful squishiness and softness of the Malabrigo brand. It is advertised as a subtle thick and thin buiky yarn. I beg to differ, based on the skein that I knitting. It seems more like an Aran-weight yarn, and there wasn’t much thick-and-thin in my skein.

The cowl pattern (Birthday Cowl – a free pattern) worked quite well with the yarn, although I adjusted the stitch count for my gauge.

I will definitely be knitting with this yarn again. Brandy seems to approve as well!


Cutting It Close

I just cast-off my lovely Argante Shawl.


As I was knitting, I realized that this is one of those project where it might be wise to weigh it as you get close to what you hope is the half-way point, so you know to begin to finish the second half. I don’t own a postal scale (Christmas present this year?), so I judged it by eye.

I began to do the decreases, and kept thinking to myself “Do I have enough yarn to finish this? I know I do…maybe I don’t. I don’t know!” But I kept on knitting anyway. After all, it isn’t that complicated a project, and I could always rip it out. But I hoped, very hard that I wouldn’t.

As I got down to the very last part, I really wasn’t sure. And by the last 10 rows, I knew I had plenty of yarn. See how much I had left when I cast-off?


Talk about cutting it close!

(Yes, this is the same indiecita colorway that I knit the cowl in.)