Magical Blocking (FO: More than 198 Yards)

The whole blocking thing is simply amazing every time that I do it.

This is the “198 yards of Heaven” pattern, using a lace weight yarn – 6 1/2 repeats in Misti Alpaca yarn – only one skein used here. In it’s pre-blocking state, it looks rumpled, but you can see the pattern.


After a wet-mist blocking using my blocking wires (bought long ago), the difference is amazing:



This is a Christmas present for my mom, who lives in Southern California, and rarely needs something very warm. Lace-weight is about the only thing she’ll need.

I do have a quibble with the pattern itself- the edging chart as written does not match up with the lace pattern in the body. So I finagled my own version to get those yarnovers to nicely match up in my version. There’s a variation in the projects on Ravelry that does a similar thing for those who have a bit of fear of doing this themselves.