A Toe-Up Book That’s a Keeper

Notice to the FCC – I did not get this copy of Chrissy Gardiner’s lovely book: Toe Up! Patterns and Worksheets to Whip Your Sock Knitting Into Shape as a review copy – I bought mine like everyone else.

With that out of the way, I want applaud Chrissy Gardiner on a great book for the toe-up fans.  This is a book that will stay in my library for a while.

  1. It includes the basics:  construction of a toe-up sock with lot’s of photos and instruction.
  2. A good variety of sock patterns for the whole family, including slippers and knee highs.  Everyone can get socks!
  3. Some fancier patterns for the (mostly) women who will knit them.  These are lovely ones that rival the patterns I’ve seen in sock of the month yarn clubs.
  4. Worksheets. The best part of the book is that Chrissy has developed worksheets for the knitter to create basic or fancier socks with their own choice of yarn and a worksheet to calculate all the requirements for a particular style.  I used her hybrid heel worksheet, and it was terrific!  The worksheets can be downloaded on the book’s web site (although they won’t make sense unless you have the book), so I can print out the ones I need anytime!

My only quibble, and this one is with the publisher, is that the book is not spiral bound, so that the pages will lay flat, and the paper is a bit light.

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