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I am back from the Big Easy, and it was awesome. Sometimes the best trips are the ones where you don’t spend months planning, it just comes together and you go with the flow. That was this trip. But I haven’t finished my photos – you can check out the ones I’ve posted to Flickr here.

But onto knitting. I did a bit of teaching when I worked in an in-between part of my life at Marin Fiber Arts, which has sadly closed. I really enjoyed it, but then I was working a whole bunch and didn’t have time for it anymore. Now life is back to less busy, and I’m happy to report that I’ll be teaching some knitting classes at Bluebird Yarn & Fiber in Sausalito in late October and through November. Toe-up socks? Yep. Triangular lace shawls – you’re covered. Very cute stranded baby hats – oh yeah! There are a couple more classes too.

Check out the offerings – there are other way-cool classes at Bluebird as well. Mirto’s crochet classes are tempting me – I did a bit with her at the freebie day she did, and I learned so much~

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We don’t appear to have any knitting classes in our local area, I don’t know whether it’s just an england thing or whether I don’t get out enough, but I’d love to go to one! What does it take to be a knitting teacher? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any qualifications for it!

Well, all it takes to teach is the willingness and someone to hire you. I started when I was hanging out in another yarn store. I’ve taught lot’s of different things in my life, so it wasn’t that hard to figure out, and I got some good advice on Ravelry as well.

My approach is to teach skills along with a project, so that the knitter is empowered to knit better and more afterwards, rather than being dependent on the teacher. I give lot’s of handouts and resources on the internet and in books for later.

I think there’s some kind of guild for knitting teachers, but that’s not my style – I’ve taken enough classes to know what works and what should be avoided.

Classes are often taught at yarn stores, but also by the knitting guilds too, at least here in the US. I hope that the knitting bug begins to catch on in the UK! There are some folks in the US coming over to teach.

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