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Holiday weekend

I’ve been enjoying this weekend in the local sense. The Bay Bridge in the SF Bay Area has been closed all weekend, and lot’s of the traffic is coming through my neck of the woods. I thought the traffic would be bad this afternoon, as returning SF folks came through, but I visited someone in the hospital and traffic was actually ok.

So, there has been spinning and knitting on the agenda. Something Blue is coming along. I ended up charting a part of the pattern (using a very helpful Knitty article from a few years back). The first attempt at following the chart did not go well – I was at Bluebird hanging out, and it didn’t work. Stuffed it back in the bag, and brought it home to rip back to the lifeline (see, I was smart for a change actually used one!). Second attempt didn’t go well. Second rip. Third time was the charm. Then I decided to use a new-to-me short row technique. I made it up as I went along and it worked!

Here’s what I’ve been spinning – some merino roving that I bought at Monarch Knitting. It’s from South Africa:


I need to use the other yarn already, and it now strikes me, as it must many other knitters, that there is a stash problem with spinning. It goes like this:

1. When I spin I am not knitting.

2. When I spin, I am making yarn.


3. More yarn is created and enters the stash, making the stash bigger

4. Less yarn is used up by knitting, and the stash doesn’t get cut down.

My conclusion: I need to knit my handspun before spinning more.

And I needed a break from Something Blue, so I bought a lovely skein of hand-dyed Prism sock yarn, which is becoming this:


I’m calling it a prayer shawl, but I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I started it the way that the Kiri shawl starts, and then just did garter stitch for a while, and am now doing a bit of garter rib for a different texture and some lovely lines. Not sure when I’ll switch to another stitch pattern.

Projects Spinning

My Very First

Although I have been practicing my spinning, I haven’t actually made anything out of my handspun until now.  This is Mousie, a modest project that uses the samples I’ve spun from my class with Brooke:


It’s supposed to be for a swap, but I don’t think I can give it up. I can alway knit another one in a less precious yarn. Brandy is already very attached.