Insight on After-thought Heels

I’ve continued knitting the cute socks with the fun yarn, and I decided to do an afterthought heel, which makes the sock on the left into the sock on the right.


It’s way cool to do an afterthought heel with striping yarn that created the bulls-eye heel, and no harder that putting provisional stitches on needles and knitting a toe. But there is one challenge of the afterthought heel – calculating how long to make the sock can be a bit troublesome because you can’t try it on if you leave the heel until after the toe is done.

So, my ideas was to make an after-thought-but-before-the-toe heel. For this sock, I put in the waste yarn as the placeholder for the hee (see that dark line in the middle of the sock on the left?l, then knit about an inch or so beyond the waste yarn, and using yarn from the second ball of yarn (which could be the outside of the ball if one had just one skein), I knit the after-thought heel, cut the yarn, then went back to knitting the foot of the sock.

So, you can see what I have now – one sock with a heel, and one without.

I figure that I don’t really have to work the second heel until I finish both socks – so I’m onto the toes (doing the cool spiral one that is in the Lucy Neatby book), then I’ll go back and finish the second heel. It’ll be the real after thought heel, but nobody will be able to tell.

And here’s a quiz- what is odd about the colors of the yarn? Tell me what you see in the comments.