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A Little Knitting Fun and Some Pondering

Sometimes you just want the yarn to do the work for you. So, I was tempted and bought a couple of skeins of this very cute colorway of Meilenweit Soja yarn. Matched with Lucy Neatby’s Mermaid Sock pattern, I’m getting a ridiculously good amount of fun from a simple six-stitch pattern, round after round:

Mermaid IVa

It’s just SO cute!

In other knitting news, I’ve finished Something Blue, and I love it. There was a bad moment when I feared that I had lost the schematic and notes I had taken, but they are found, and I am now happy again. Friends love it, the LYS employees like it, folks in my congregation admire it.  I learned how to do a different set-in sleeve.  Yay for the new learning!  I wanted to make my own version of a February Lady Sweater with all my favorite sweater features, and I did it.

So, the question is: will this become a real pattern? Honestly, I don’t know yet. Here’s my thinking:

  • The sweater is very wearable by a lot of folks.  The yarn I used is cheap, and easily subbed with others.
  • Stitch patterns are pretty easy.  The slightly tricky one is used only on the bottom edge, cuffs and collar.
  • It has a lovely subtle shaping feature that will please the knitter, but won’t scream “craft-aholic.”
  • It will take a bunch of work to make it in all the sizes that the knitting world likes.  And it should come in all those sizes because it is a wearable sweater in all those sizes.  It’ll mean major investment of time and probably buying some design software.
  • The return on this effort is uncertain.  While the sweater is very wearable, many knitters will not want to put all this work into a sweater.  I’ve checked some of the numbers on Ravelry for similar sweaters, and it’s hit or miss.
  • On the other hand, it’s the kind of sweater pattern I see in knitting magazines, only, in my mind, it’s better.

So, the pondering will continue…and now I have to find something else to knit besides the sock.

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