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Some knitters have startitis – they want to start a bazillion projects at the same time.  Well, i have the opposite yearning now – I want to finish things.  I’ve been continuing to work on Something Blue, and I have just a little bit more to do.  It may turn into a published pattern if I can figure out the last part (I’m a design as you go kind of gal).

I’m also not doing any charity knitting at the moment.  At the moment, I’m not feeling the blanket mojo for Afghans for Afghans.  I have 11 squares leftover from the spring campaign, and all I need to do is knit one more square.  Not happening.  I have the yarn and the needles in my knitting bag, and it doesn’t get out.

The project I’m very much enjoying is what I’m calling the Madame Matisse Shawl.  It’s almost done, and will probably become a free pattern for personal use.  I am so close to finishing that I can taste it.

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I, too, am not feeling the mojo for A4A blankets, which is too bad because I know there is always a need. However, I believe that all knitting – even charity knitting – should never feel like a chore, so if it’s not inspiring you, don’t do it this time. You spend your life work in service to others already! (I feel like I do too, since I stay at home with my kids at the moment.)

Yes, I refuse to knit things that I’m not excited about. After all the blankets last spring, I was really hoping for sweaters, or hats, or socks with A4A. In the meantime, I’m working on some new patterns, so that is fun!

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