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The Marin Co Fair just ended.  This year, I am happy to report, there were a lot more knitting entries — and good ones to boot!  Many lovely sweaters, scarves, blankets, green items, etc.  It is a good thing for knitters show off their stuff!  Part of the incentive might have been that a couple of the categories had real prize money – $100 for the top sweater, $75 for the scarf and hat set.  There were many good sweaters this year, and some lovely scarf and hat sets.

So, with the added competition, I took home lot’s of ribbons this year, but none of them were blue. My Radiance-cabled sweater got fourth in some tough competition:


while the other items got handed ribbons in an almost random manner, to my eyes.


My amazing log cabin blanket that I think has great colors and design was critiqued for not being “even,” while socks I put in at the last minute got a third place award (seriously folks, more socks need to be entered if mine are getting third place!). My Spindrift scarf did get a second place, which I was pleased for, and my swatch-turned-market-bag got a fifth place in the “green” category, which was generous.

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Quite a haul of ribbons, there! Congratulations!

I thought it was quite fun, despite some of the randomness and things that could have been displayed better (your afghan, my shawl).

Is it too early to be thinking about next year?

Ann, I agree about the display issues. I hate seeing beautiful lace being used as table-covers. And it’s never too late to start thinking about next year. I had a couple of items that I can still submit for next year!

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