I’m away for a few days. It involves ocean, misty air, and yarn. There may be pictures.


More Handspun

Handspun2a.JPG, originally uploaded by skatfantoo.

See my pretties!


Merike’s Socks

The socks are done – the colors are SO rich in this yarn. Can’t wait to send them off to the “Sock Museum”


My own small contribution

I was thinking of going to Sock Summit earlier this year, but made the (perhaps regrettable) decision not to go – I wanted to spend vacation in a less fiber-oriented way. Nevertheless, I joined the Sock Summit Ravelry group, and was on the email list.

When the invitation to knit socks for the Sock Museum came, I decided that this would be my opportunity to “participate” in a small way. I’m making “Merike’s Socks” from Nancy Bush’s book Folk Socks. It’s a stranded sock pattern based on Estonian slipper socks. I’m using the Shetland yarn by Judith Mackenzie, and the colors are quite delicious. I was supposed to mail them today, but I’m on the foot of the second sock, so I hope to finish today, block tomorrow, and mail on Monday via Priority Mail. There will be lot’s of leftover yarn, so I’m pondering purchasing the Alice Starmore Fair Isle book that’s coming out next month and making some amazing mittens or the like.

In my newish spinning world, I was at a conference to teach this past week, and during worship, I spun in public during my sermon! It was the most terrifying thing, because it could have all gone south at any moment. I didn’t drop the spindle, fortunately, and the feedback was pretty positive.

The check has come for my awards for the entries to the Marin County Fair. Subtracting the entry fees and the cost of getting into the fair, I still have some $$$ leftover for a dinner out or a new project. Yay!


First Handspun

I made some singles with my spindle that looked kinda cute.


In the second half of the Beginning spinning class, Brooke was quite helpful (ignore that shocked expression on her face – really, how bad can it get, it’s just yarn?)


And then after plying, I got this fluffy little pile:

1st Handspuna

which turned into this skein:

1st Handspunb>
and is now soaking in tepid water, and will be dried and hung:

1st Handspunc


New Kitty

I am part of the latest Kitty Toy Swap on Ravelry  (rav link), which involves knitting a kitty (mine was discussed briefly here) that looks like the cat of your swap partner.  PeeOui sent me a cat that resembles Isadora — I think she did a great job, don’t you?


And my other cat, Brandy, seems to like the yarn Isadora too!



Fair Minded

The Marin Co Fair just ended.  This year, I am happy to report, there were a lot more knitting entries — and good ones to boot!  Many lovely sweaters, scarves, blankets, green items, etc.  It is a good thing for knitters show off their stuff!  Part of the incentive might have been that a couple of the categories had real prize money – $100 for the top sweater, $75 for the scarf and hat set.  There were many good sweaters this year, and some lovely scarf and hat sets.

So, with the added competition, I took home lot’s of ribbons this year, but none of them were blue. My Radiance-cabled sweater got fourth in some tough competition:


while the other items got handed ribbons in an almost random manner, to my eyes.


My amazing log cabin blanket that I think has great colors and design was critiqued for not being “even,” while socks I put in at the last minute got a third place award (seriously folks, more socks need to be entered if mine are getting third place!). My Spindrift scarf did get a second place, which I was pleased for, and my swatch-turned-market-bag got a fifth place in the “green” category, which was generous.


I thought they were for me.

I decided to finish off some leftover unknown sock yarn and used the lovely Lucy Neatby Mermaid Socks pattern.

Mermaid Socks IIIa.JPG

The short cuffs make them great house socks (not too warm) and in the winter, they keep my toes toasty when I get in bed, but then are easily slipped off.  Apparently, my thoughts about these socks are not correct.  Brandy has decided that they are for her:

Mermaid Socks IIIb.JPG Mermaid Socks IIIc.JPGMermaid Socks IIId.JPG