It’s all MissyB’s fault, I swear.




There has been great enjoyment this week as several WIPs have been completed.  First, the Lily (endless-knitting-in-linen-on-Size-0-needles) has been completed and is completely wearable, though more washings will be needed to get the full softness of the linen to shine:


I also finished up the Bottoms-Up bag that was knitted done a while back.  Last Friday I took a few hours to get out the sewing machine to make a lining and put in a zipper. I’m not sure it’s that fun to knit a project that takes up so much post-knitting time and effort, but I’m liking the end result.


There was also immense satisfaction in finishing up a small kitty for the Copy Cat swap on Ravelry:

Copy Cat 1e.JPG

I can’t tell how fun it was to finish this cutie up – all out of proportion. I just love him! And those little traffic cones are a great pattern – so simple, and stuffed with high quality catnip, Izzie approved:



A Sad Day

Today I got news that I was expecting, but it was still a shock. Our family friend, Sandy, died today of advanced ovarian cancer. You may remember that I knit her a prayer shawl and a hat. She was the same age as my brother- they went through school together.

Last week, I went down to see my Mom and also made sure that I got to see Sandy. I drove down to her house through lovely LA traffic and we spent about 1 1/2 hours hanging out on her bed and just chatting and being together. When someone is that ill, just being present in the moment is the best thing in the world. Sandy told me a couple of hilarious stories about what the meds were doing to her at night, and reported, with great pride, that her hospice nurse told her that she was the funniest client she’d ever had. I believe it totally!!!

I saw Sandy on Thursday, and Saturday was a party for her mom’s 80th birthday. Sandy told me that she’d see me there, which seemed completely unrealistic, and I came home and told my mom so.  But Saturday, just as we arrived, Sandy was there!  Since her father is mostly confined to a wheelchair now, he hadn’t seen her in a couple of months, and didn’t expect to see her again.  Many tears were shed by all in attendance.

Today I spoke to her Mom, Bonny, and we talked about how the human will can make things happen that you just don’t think will.  Sandy’s goal was to get to that party for her Mom, her gift was being there to see her Dad one last time.  It doesn’t get much better than that, as family goes.

And the hat and the shawl that I knit for Sandy?  The hat was on the bed, and the shawl at the dining table.  A knitter notices these things…


The UFOs

There’s been a fair amount of knitting going on, not a lot of finishing.  Five UPOs that I’m finding. This one is’t done:


The Lily sweater in linen.  I’m trying to do a few rows every few ways to get it done in time to wear this summer.  It will be a while.  In contrast, this quick prayer shawl is almost done – only the ends need to be woven in:


The Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl, done in some Alchemy fingering yarn and a leftover skein of Knitpicks Risata, carrying a cobweb yarn along for some depth.  For about 400 yards of yarn, I’ve got a lovely prayer shawl to send to an online colleague who’s going through some surgery.

This isn’t done either:


A second helmet liner done out of the leftovers from a pair of socks for Socks for Soldiers.  This was my WWKIP project for the Burbank Airport on Saturday.  It was sad to miss knitting with my knitting peeps on Sunday – but I had a great trip that will be blogged about soon. I’ve had the yarn since the end of January, and I’d like to finish this by the end of the week (optimistic) or the end of the month (more likely).

And then there’s this:


I’m doing a felted purse out of Knit One Below – I’m changing up the strap and putting in a full lining. It’s gonna take some work to figure it all out, but I’m excited by the colors!

And then there’s this mysterious item:


It looks like a blob, but it will become a stuff cat for the Kitty Toy Swap on Ravelry.  My friend Judy looks at it with a skeptical eye, but I am hopeful about the outcome. We’ll see who is right soon!


A Different Season for Knitting

Summer knitting is different than winter knitting.  It is about non-animal fibers (except for silk), and that is a lovely change.  Although working in Sausalito, I’m finding, means that my sweaters will get used through the summer more than any other year I’ve lived in Marin County.  It’s also about lace, which is fun, but I have to pay attention as best that I can!

But while I may not knit animal fibers at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy yarn.  See?

WEBS Yarn 1a

and it was good.  Even the kitties approved.

WEBS Yarn 1e

The yarn? WEBS closeouts and good stuff on very cheap sale.  Misty Alpaca Lace, and some lovely Misty Merino in fun colors — for a sweater, not sure if it’ll be for me or charity…

In other news, I finished a lovely scarf for my cousin — out of less than 3 skeins of my large stash of Karabella Empire Silk (pattern: the voyager lace shawl, converted to scarf size).  I’m loving it:


Voyager Scarf 1b

She’s headed to France (ooh, envious twings just typing that!), so she must have something fabulous to wear. This will go for either day or evening, and balance out the neutrals that she’ll be wearing.

And I’m plugging away at the Lily camisole — it is hard on the hands, so I’m gonna take a break – I’ve made it as far as the armhole split. Why didn’t I wash the yarn before knitting? Sigh.

Lily Deuxd

I’ve got to make a stuffed kitty for a Kitty Toy Swap, and I’ll use wool and angora — it’s gonna be a fun project!